What to Wear for Your Newborn Session - Laura Cardan

What Should I Wear for my Newborn Session?

That's often the first question I get asked when moms are preparing for their newborn session.  Clothing choices can make or break a portrait session and there are many things to consider when choosing what you and your family will wear.

I suggest choosing mom and sisters clothing first, followed by Dad and boy siblings.                   


Coordinate instead of matching

Choose 2-4, neutral colors like beige, cream, white, light grey and pastels

Choose solids and dainty prints

Choose jewelry that will compliment but not take over or get in the way

Choose for comfort (including temperature)

Consider fabric with texture and movement

Consider how your clothing will look when you are in various positions 

Consider where  your portraits will be displayed 

Stay Away From 

Bright and Dark Colors 

Large Prints


Logos, Words and Graphics

Bulky clothing that will bunch up

Clothing that wrinkles easily

Large Hair Bows


Transitional maternity dresses and clothing are great for your newborn session.  If you're planning ahead, choose items that have some stretch.     If they fit you before birth or mostly up to birth they will likely be great for your newborn session.  

Wear makeup as you normally would, but don't skip the mascara and lipstick.  


I like to keep baby as natural as possible and suggest  having them  in a diaper or simple onsie for most of the session.  I will bring wraps and use blankets you have available to keep them warm.  Well fitting clothing options could include a hand knitted outfit or knit sleeper.  Avoid bulky clothing, clothing with collars or items  that don't fit well.   

Other things to consider:

Manicured fingers and toes (I recommend no shoes for most portraits) 

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