Preparing for your Fresh 48 Hospital Session - Laura Cardan

Preparing for your Fresh 48 Hospital Session

Fresh 48 hospital sessions are my absolute favorite.  Capturing first moments and new, tiny details brings so much joy.  You will enjoy having these memories to look back on over the years to come. 

These sessions should be a low stress way to document all the newness of your sweet newborn.  By preparing a few things ahead of time,  you will ensure you don't have to think about much when your session day arrives.  The biggest of those preparations is your clothing choices.

Clothing plays a major role in how a portraits session feels and looks.  My sessions are designed to draw attention to your family and moments rather than your clothing.    Following my suggestions below will ensure you have the beautiful, simple, timeless and light portraits I strive to provide.  


Consider a robe, lounge wear,  nightgown or simple dress for comfort

Choose neutral colors like white, cream, beige and light grey or light pastels like pink and blue

Choose comfortable, simple clothing for Dad and Siblings.

              Light colored pants are best.

              Plain white t-shirts or polos are great for men and dads.

              Plain, simple dresses and rompers are great for little girls.  Remember undershorts.

Consider bringing a blanket or wrap of your own for baby to offer variety in your images

Bring items you'll need to prep with if you  want to fix your hair or apply a bit of makeup

Stay Away From 

Uncomfortable clothing that doesn't give you easy nursing access or bunches up in various postions. 

Bright colors, caps and hats, logos and large stripes or bold patterns 

Dark colors like dark blues and blacks.

When baby arrives

Call, text or email me as soon as possible to schedule your session.  

Check with nurses and doctors to make sure your session time won't conflict with any exams they may need to do.

If siblings are going to be present having an extra set of hands present is sometimes helpful for parts of the session that may require only mom, dad and baby. 

The Day of Your Session

Warm up your room enough that you may be a little uncomfortable.  This will allow baby to be comfortable for any shots that require them to be unwrapped.     I will take these photographs first thing so we can turn the air back on.     

Tidy your hospital room by placing items in areas that may not show in the photographs.

Ask guests to step out during your session.  Hospital rooms are tiny.  

Let nurses and doctors know of your plans ahead of time.  

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