What to Wear - FALL - Laura Cardan

What to Wear - FALL photography session in Birmingham, AL

Your session is booked and, if you're like me, you're already thinking about what you're going to wear. Should you go with a fancier or more laid back outfit.  Should you wear jewelry?  What color scheme should you choose? 

My location choices and editing styles work really well with neutrals.  Creams and tans, light browns, pinks, lighter blues and grays are all great choices.

Don't be afraid to dress up and have the Christmas card that turns heads.  

Want me to style you?  

Simply send me your color choices  and a few items you may already have on hand.  I will hand pick clothing and email you links to purchase.  

Want to style yourself. Use these quick tips to help you make decisions.

1.   Coordinate 3 to 4 colors.  Neutrals work well with my editing style.  

      Avoid bright colors  like red and orange as they can cast color on to your skin.

      Avoid darker colors like dark blues, dark browns and black.    If wearing jeans, try a lighter

      wash or grey.

2.  Limit Patterns - 1 or 2 small prints are great.  Large prints and stripes are distracting.

3.  Don't forget accessories.  

4.  Say no to logos and graphics.

5.  Blend shoes and socks with pants.

6.  Layers and Textures are your friend.         

I am always on hand to look at items you've chosen and let you know how I think they will work together.  


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