What to Wear for your Spring Portrait Session - Laura Cardan

Choosing Clothing for your Outdoor, Spring Portrait Session

What should I wear?  That's, often, the first question clients have.  Knowing where to start and what to consider when choosing your clothing will make choosing your clothing so much easier. 

My style of photography works well with soft colors and simple prints.  

Follow my tips below to help with choosing and coordinating your clothing so you'll feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in clothing choices that work well with my editing style and locations.        


Choose clothing for the hardest  person to dress first.  That will often be the women and girls.

Choose a blend of 3-4 colors and neutrals that blend well together.  

Beige, cream, white, blues, light grey and pastels are great for Spring.

Coordinate instead of matching with solids and simple/dainty prints.

Choose jewelry and accessories that will compliment but not take over or get in the way

Consider comfort (including temperature) and fabric with texture and movement.

Consider how your clothing will look when you are in various positions.

Consider which body parts you want to accentuate and those you might want to conceal.

Choose footwear that will blend with pants or the environment so they don't stand out.

Blend socks with pants.

Stay Away From 

Too much of one color.  A variety of 2 colors with neutrals will photograph best. 

Bright Colors (red, orange, bright pinks and greens)

Loud/Busy Prints and Stripes, Logos, Words and Graphics

Bulky clothing that will bunch up

Clothing that wrinkles easily

Large Hair Bows and other Bulky Accessories

Short Dresses and Skirts (I suggest nearly knee length or longer)

Other Things to Consider

Do your choices blend well with the decor where your portraits will be displayed? 

Do your socks and shoes blend with your out fit and not stand out. 

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