Newborn Portrait Styles - Laura Cardan

Newborn Portrait Styles

Just like clothing, portraits should be customized to fit your needs and style.  Maybe you love interactive images and don't care if anybody is looking at the camera while images of your little one's feet may not be your style.  Knowing what image styles appeal or don't appeal you you are very  important aspects of a portrait session.

Below, I have complied groupings of different portraits styles that are usually included in a gallery to help you decide which portrait styles best suit your taste and needs.        During your session I will shoot with those choices in mind.  


In a traditional portrait subjects usually fill up the frame.  They include close-ups and full body portraits.  Subjects, aside from sleeping babies, are often looking at and smiling for the camera.    Most, if not all, of the babies face is visible.  

Pulled Back

These types of images include more background to capture the overall scene.  Subjects are smaller in comparison to the overall image. 


Detail shots include closeups of small parts like feet/toes, hands/fingers, lips, eyes and hair. 


Interactive Portraits include Mom, Dad or Siblings interacting with the baby in various ways.  Subjects are not looking at the camera.  


Documentary style portraits include all of the in between moments during your session like diaper changes and feedings.

Creative / Off-Center

Creative portraits are usually taken from a less traditional angle. Subjects are often framed at focal points other than the center of the frame and/or the image may include lots of negative space.  

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