Relaxed, Minimal Lifestyle photography in Birmingham, Alabama.

Offering Relaxed, Minimal Photography for the Modern Family

 Maternity | Newborn | Fresh 48 | Family 

Birmingham, Alabama | Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Hi!  I'm Laura!  I love soft, minimal portraits that allow your family to shine.   

I love photographing babies and toddlers.  Their innocence and natural beauty captivates me. Even when they pout I think it's the most beautiful thing ever.  

I want to  capture that innocence and help you  remember those tiny little toes, fingers and baby squish that will fade over time and how your baby toddled along as they learned to walk. 

You may be thinking, "My child will never cooperate for portraits."  I hear that a lot.  But, if you enjoy portraits full of fun and emotion I promise happy smiles and laughter along with sweet and special bonding moments.  Shoulder rides, butterfly kisses and holding your hand as you swing them through a field are just a few of the things we'll do.  

Allow me capture those moments for you now during a relaxed session full of personality and special moments.

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